Betting Tips

The basic rule to increase your profits is always to place the best odds. For this reason, if you want to place a bet it is necessary to check odds of several bookmakers, compares them and place the best odds. Odds between bookmakers is always different and if they are selected, you can find greater odds by more than 10%. This means that bets must been placed in several bookmakers and therefore it is advantageous to keep your money so that they are accessible for all bookmakers. The best solution is using an internet wallet Skrill or Neteller which offer immediate deposits to your betting account and from there you will deposit money only if necessary for placing bets. When your bet is settled it's better withdraw your money on internet wallet to be prepared for further deposits.

Accumulators or solo bets?

Almost everyone who starts the betting places multiple bets in one ticket. This is because it offers much more winning than solo bets. Odds on accumulators are multiplied and  with high numbers it makes a big jumps in profits.

For example, 8 bets with 2 odds has as multiplied bets odd of 256 and 9 bets has odd of 512 which means if you bet € 10 your winning is € 5,120. And if you place only 9 solo bets with 2 odds each for € 10, the maximum payout would be € 180. Because that Odds are 2, it is about a 50% chance to win the bet. When in multiplied bets is necessary to win every bets. When combining two bet together, the chance to win is only 25% and for 4 bets it is only 6.25% chance of winning. And for our 9 matches is it only 0.2% chance of winning.

Accumulator bets should be understood that if they win one bet from your ticket, you placed bet for your total winnings on the next bet. So if you bet on 9 games for € 10 and 8 games is winning, does it mean that you bet € 2,560 for next bet and that's a big risk for ine bet and for that reason the professional players don't placing accumulators. It is preferable to place solo bets.

When to place an accumulator?

Place an accumulator is conveniently only if you have decided that you want to win only if all bets are winning (usually smaller courses), and these matches are played at the same time. if one match starts after end of previous match, do not place them into a single ticket. Think about whether to make any other bets and for how much and if you want, place it.

What bets to place?

Most people bets on that the favorite team win the game. And there bets have usually  1.5 odds. These bets are not much profitable in the long time because the odds are too small because these bets placing lot of people and this reduces the odds. The most preferred bet types is asian handicaps what odds  are from 1.9 to 2. For example in a soocer when you think that the favorite win with a wide margin is better to bet on asian hendikep with less chance of winning but greater odds. And in case you think the favorite will not win with big differences but only with one goal, it is better to place a bet on an opponent with a positive handicap for  example +1.5.

In odds is only important the winning amount. We gaint it with subtracting number 1 (deposit) from the odds. For example odd 1.5, the winning is 0,5 and for odd 3 is it  2. This means that the 3 odd has 4 times bigger win as the odd 1.5. This is why is much better bet on greater odds.

When you think that the home team with odds of 1.35 has 70% chance of winning and for that the home team did not win the is 3.65 odd, it is better to place a bet at odd of 3.65. Because in the long run is more proftable..


Of the 10 matches with a chance of 70% favorite won 7 matches and lost 3. For bets on the favorite we have profit 0.35 * 7 and we lost 3 * 1 what is together loss -0,55 times bet.
For bets on the favorite to lay we have profit 2.65 * 3 and lost 7 * 1 what is together profit  0.95 times bet. In the long run it is always better placing greater odds.